The last week has been stressful and worrisome as I’ve dealt with a very sick furbaby. So, I decided that I needed some comfort and for me nothing says comfort quite like chocolate. I love chess pie and chocolate chess pie is rich, decadent and delicious. Because I wanted a quick fix, I used store bought pie crust (and I’m not embarrassed to admit it) and prepared it per the package instructions for a 1 crust pie. However, I did brush it with melted butter prior to covering with parchment paper and baking. I find the melted butter takes away that store bought taste. Once it’s pre-baked, set aside and make your filling; recipe below. 

Ps.. When you fill your crust and bake it, make sure to cover the edges as to not over brown which I did 😡. That’s what I get for going outside with the dogs and forgetting to put the cover on.