FOIL packs, as you know, are a single girl staple. What’s better than a delicious meal with virtually no mess or clean up? During the summer, I throw my packs on the grill which gives an added layer of yumminess! These are so easy, full of summer flavors and healthy!

I prefer Hillshire Farm smoked turkey sausage but you may use your favorite. I use 1/4 of the 13 oz  package and save the rest for another night. You can also freeze it, after wrapping air tight, as long as it was not previously frozen. Another tip; pop your red potatoes in the micro for 2 minutes. This saves on grill time and ensures you don’t have hard potatoes.

 After generously spraying a lg foil square, add all ingredients, and season with salt/pepper. Place 2nd sprayed foil square on top and create an air tight pack, leaving room for steam. Pop packet onto a preheated grill, on low, for 12-15 mins. Halfway though, give your packet a little toss so the butter distributes evenly and to prevent charring on 1 side. Upon removing from grill, allow to sit in packet for 2 or 3 mins and be very careful to not burn yourself with steam when removing top foil layer.