As some of you may remember, I did the 24 day Advocare challenge back in March.  For me, it wasn’t about losing weight but rather cleansing my system and making healthier choices; although it is a great tool to jump start weight loss. I felt great and had more energy and motivation while doing the challenge. Additionally,  I found that I love Spark! Spark is a vitamin packed daily supplement drink that is sugar free. Have I mentioned that it gives you energy? I gave up Diet Coke during the challenge and still rarely drink one but I continue drinking my Spark.  There are multiple flavors, my favorites are fruit punch and mango strawberry. If you are unfamiliar with Advocare, it specializes in health, wellness, weight management, energy and sports performance. If you’d like more information on Spark or any of the Advocare products, please feel free to click the Advocare link below.