Whether you are single or married or man or woman, you should own a grill and be comfortable using it! Grilling is such a great alternative to baking, frying, searing etc., and you can do so much on a grill. I grill regularly, from meats to potatoes and veggies. You can make pizza and desserts on your grill too. Tonight, I opted for something that really doesn’t need a recipe but I do have some helpful tips. Skewers are a summer grilling staple! However, because I sometimes learn the hard way, I often ended up with part of my dinner overcooked or undercooked.  I perfectly alternated meat and veggies, making sure to have different colors on each skewer as opposed to ensuring everything was cooked properly. By having chicken and steak on the same skewer, if my chicken was thoroughly cooked, the steak was well done. If the steak was perfectly grilled, the chicken was too pink in the center and don’t even get me started on hard potatoes. Through my many mishaps, I learned the following:

  • Only put one type of meat on a skewer. You can separate pieces of meat with onion or peppers for added flavor and color.
  • Partially cook potatoes prior to grilling. I’m partial to baby red skin potatoes; cleaned, rinsed, halved & placed in a bowl. Next, coat with olive oil and season. I typically use salt, pepper, Italian seasoning and garlic salt. Microwave for 5-6 minutes prior to placing on the skewer.
  • Place your potato skewers on the top rack away from direct heat. Because you partially cooked them, they will finish cooking without charring directly on the grill.
  • Enjoy your dinner and take pride in what you prepared!