What can you say about a caramel sauce made from butter, brown sugar, a hint of cinnamon and touch of vanilla mixed with bananas and poured over vanilla ice cream then topped with puff pastry.  Wow.. Is that a run on sentence or what? Run on or not, it’s amazing. Simply melt a few TB’s of butter then add about 1/2 C packed brown sugar, sprinkle of cinnamon and drop of vanilla.  Bring to a simmer until sugar is no longer crystallized. Slice a banana into the caramel sauce and cook a few minutes until banana is soft.  Meanwhile, cut a puff pastry square in half, place a couple scoops of vanilla ice cream into the bottom layer. Spoon bananas with a little caramel sauce over ice cream. Add a TB or 2 of dark rum to remaining sauce and cook 2-3 minutes until the alcohol burns off. Place top layer of puff pastry over ice cream mixture and drizzle with caramel. Enjoy!