Well here it is, Monday.  Who wants to slave over a hot stove and cook a delicious homemade spaghetti sauce after working all day, on a Monday no less? Not me! This recipe is quick, easy, semi-homemade and so yummy. 30 minutes is all you need for a delicious Monday night dinner. 

After adding the seasonings and beef broth, make sure to allow it to simmer and begin reducing for at least 5 mins; you don’t want soupy spaghetti sauce.  The beef broth gives your sauce a nice meaty flavor and along with the sugar reduces the acidic taste of the jar. If you have left over beef gravy, you may substitute that for the broth. Any time you add a layer of flavor with broth or fresh herbs, the store bought taste diminishes. 

I will post a wonderful all day long sauce later, but this is perfect for week nights. Enjoy!