I love this cake!! This cake is so moist, fluffy and lusciously strawberry tasting. Now I know, cake is not on the 24 Day Advocare challenge but I’m a firm believer in not depriving yourself. Besides, I have 2 dear friends with birthdays today so this is for you Mark Klumpp and Kelly Gamble. 

I was at the grocery store today and the strawberries spoke to me, so who was I to ignore them? I’ve been eating plenty of fruit, including strawberries, but these were so fresh and smelled amazing; they needed special treatment.  I start this cake with a store bought white cake mix, any brand is fine. Store bought mixes can turn into incredibly delicious cakes and you don’t have to measure and sift all your dry ingredients. 

Make sure to use parchment in the bottom of your cake pans for easy removal

Frost your cake once it’s completely cooled and enjoy! I reserved 1 C of icing, added 1 TB of strawberry gelatin and mixed well; I used this to add color and make the cake pop!