With a new year upon us, many I know are trying to make healthier choices.  I find snacking, in a healthy way, to be easy when its prepared and pre-portioned out .  On Sunday, when I do my shopping, I come home and wash/rinse all my fruits and veggies and place in snack size containers. When I’m hungry I don’t have to think about it, I just grab a container. They are also portable and easy to take on the go. Individual serving packs of almonds, with no added salt, oil or sugar are also a fave of mine for their easy portability.  Did you know that part skim cheese sticks have more protein than a handful of almonds? They pack 6-8 grams of protein per stick and are wrapped individually so throw one in your purse or bag for a healthy snack with staying power. 

With a little preparation and really not that much time, you can prepare your week of snacks and stay on track.