I love to bake, I also love easy and quick.  What’s easier and quicker than opening a box, dropping an egg and oil in the mix, stirring and popping it in the oven?  The problem with cake mixes vs. homemade cake is the taste; that fresh from the bakery richness that you get from the extra work to make your batter from scratch.  There are a few tricks, however, to make your box mixes taste like you spent all morning measuring and sifting.

  • Add a package of pudding to your mix, use a pudding flavor that is complimentary to your cake and your cake is super moist and flavorful
  • Adding an extra egg for added richness
  •  Substitute melted butter for oil and double the amount
  • Replace water with an equal amount of milk

Your friends and family will never know the difference and praise your baking ability.  But shhh, it’s our secret so don’t tell!