Dry pasta is a single girls staple.  I make sure that I have several types, at all times, in my pantry.  It’s a great cooking ingredient, quick to fix and you can make so many different recipes with it.  Also, most people like it, even picky eaters.  Dry pasta comes with a freshness or use by date, that is the date that the manufacturer estimates that the pasta will retain it’s flavor and nutritional value.  However, as we all know, manufacturers want you to keep buying their products so they tend to be conservative with their dates.  Most dried pasta will still have good quality for up to two years.  Having said that, however, pasta can get old.  If you are working with noodles that have become discolored or are blotchy, you should throw them out.  Storing your pasta correctly improves the lifespan.  Always keep pasta in a cool and dry area.  Additionally, once opened, transfer remaining pasta in an airtight container or resealable plastic bag to extend it’s shelf life.