As I sit here, on my iPhone, there are only 12 hours left of 2015.  It’s crazy how fast it has gone by. There are so many memories; good and bad, happy and sad and an incredible cancer remission success story. I don’t make “resolutions” but as I reflect on the year that has passed there are a few things that I am committing to change:

  1. More phone conversations and less texting
  2. Communicate; listen to understand not listen to respond
  3. Call my family and loved ones more, we aren’t promised tomorrow
  4. Putting my phone down, shutting off social media and enjoying the moment
  5. Enjoying GREAT food, lots of laughs and fun times with those that mean the most to me while sharing it all on Single Girls Need Food Too

So there you have it, 2016 is going to be amazing and I’m so excited for this journey. Thank you for coming along on the ride.. CHEERS