Love the Wine you’re with

I enjoy a glass of wine in the evenings, it’s relaxing after a long day at the office and I also think it adds an added layer of flavor to soups, stocks, stews and gravy.  We’ve all seen recipes that call for “cooking wine” but I never buy it and neither should you.  If you are going to cook with wine, make sure it’s one that you would drink as well.  Cooking wines do not have the flavor or depth that a table wine has.  Additionally,  the alcohol evaporates from your dish as you cook so there is no need to be concerned with that.   You can find good wine, for drinking and cooking, for under $15.  Pair beef dishes with red wines; you will want to use dry or semi dry for cooking. I prefer red blends or merlot’s in my dishes.  When cooking poultry, I use a chardonnay.  Here are few of my favorites that you can find for under $15

  • Cocobon -Red Blend $9-$10
  • Cupcake -Pinot Noir/Chardonnay/Red Velvet   $10-$12
  • Mark West -Pinot Noir:  Mark West has a variety of Pinot Noir ranging from $12-$25